New Mexico Process Servers Association

In order to comply with both New Mexico and U.S. Constitutional requirements some action must be taken to bring an individual under the jurisdiction of a court. Due process of law requires that an individual is entitled to notice and a hearing before the proper authority before he or she is deprived of a liberty interest or a property right. One of the steps to fulfilling this requirement is the proper service of process. In New Mexico courts, this is accomplished by the service of a Summons and Petition. In Federal courts, it is by serving a Summons and a Complaint. The petition and/or complaint are the plaintiffs claim. The Summons is the legal notice that brings the defendant under the jurisdiction of the court and informs the defendant of the allegations (claims) made against him or her and the date and time to appear before the court. Such documents must be delivered (served) to the recipient in strict compliance with the law or such notice is invalid.

Subsequent to the Summons, there may be additional items of process to be served, such as Subpoenas, Temporary Restraining Orders, Notices, etc..
As was noted in the preceding text, proper service of the Summons brings the defendant under the jurisdiction of the court. When making service and return of the Summons it has been determined by both statute and case law that the rules must be strictly followed. If any step is omitted or incorrectly done, the court shall declare the service invalid. To assure of proper service You need to hire trusted professional.
You just found one.

How important is it.

Because we believe the work of process server is that important and because we want to assure that those who need a good professional, will find one, we have created this association. Our reputation can be easily damaged by the people who have no passion nor dedication for our trade. Some states have very complex licensing laws and lots of problems , others have no laws and great servers. Government never could properly assure the great level od service. Only we, the process servers can do that.